About Ronald Fenwick

Ron was born in Glasgow Scotland. Came to Australia age 11. Left for USA at 19 yrs started with driving East LA. School bus for underprivileged children And most were abused by parents. Went to College Canada after visa ran out entered Aldersgate College Bachelor of Theology, Social Sciences 4 yrs. During this time worked to pay my fees with the. Saskatchewan Training School for mentally impaired. I commenced a course of Psychiatric Nursing over the following 3 years and attending classes.

My final yr of College I was asked by the Drs if I would be able to get them into the Colleges Indian missions so I went through various Indian missions and health of the Indian community assisting Drs with helping the various tribesmen and children, I realised ministry was not for me but helping people. I was given the opportunity to go to Stanford school of medicine part time as I had completed Registered Psychiatric Nursing AIDS course then back to Australia. Worked with alcoholics and drug addicted people in and around Sydney as Counselor. With the Sydney City mission.

With Meryl Hurcombe Now named Mission Australia, Money was poor so I landed a position in Local Government Health and Community Services. For 14 yrs. to political. 

Back in the 70s I met Dorothy Hall who I Rec Dip of Herbology travels to USA re research into the sclera and holistic sciences I accepted a degree on Holistic Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering sciences from the the University

Ron Fenwick